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Campaign Living Sofa

Campaign Sofa
Tan fabric
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<1 week
Value for money:
Materials & construction:
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Ease of assembly:

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Sofa Digest Bottom Line

Great value for money. After testing several other sofas, we were stunned by the value proposition of the Campaign sofa. The Campaign sofa is well constructed, comfortable, and made with quality materials that will last. And with their base level (but still totally nice) fabric, it only costs $1,195! Plus, from the moment you click buy, it’ll be at your apartment or home in a matter of days. If you’re looking for a good-looking sofa, at a reasonable price, that won’t fall apart on you, Campaign has set a pretty high bar.

Sofa shopping can result in a bit of sticker shock. Unfortunately, before the advent of direct-to-consumer Internet sofa companies like Campaign and its competitors like Burrow, Joybird, and Interior Define – it was extremely difficult to get a quality sofa at this price point. And forget about fast delivery. You might buy a sofa second hand, but good luck with the quality and likely several hundred-dollar re-upholstery process.

The bottom line is that of the burgeoning Internet sofa companies we’ve tested so far, Campaign really stands out. It’s a solid, American made product at the right price. It’s clear to us that they’re playing the long game – that they’ve been laser focused on building a quality product. If you want your sofa dollar to go toward quality and not just to someone else's advertising/branding budget, buy a Campaign sofa.

The biggest downside that we could see, was that the weight of the steel construction made lifting the delivery boxes laborious and moving the sofa around a bit of a pain. This seems a small inconvenience to pay to have a sofa this solid at this price.

Overall, here at Sofa Digest, we feel that it’s a sofa particularly well suited for apartment living. Especially for millennials and anyone buying their first serious sofa.  But the sofa is so solidly constructed that it would also work well for businesses to put in waiting rooms and other highly trafficked areas.

Purchase & Delivery

While Campaign only has one style / model of sofa right now, they have an abundance of color and fabric choices -- more than 15 in total. Fortunately, you can order swatches of the fabric for free, which can help you gain confidence in your decision prior to pressing 'Buy'.​

The only complication is that while some of the basic fabric colors are priced at $1,195, there’s a second fabric group that goes for $1,495. Unfortunately, some of the fabrics with the best feel and most fun colors fall into this category.

The speed of delivery was crazy. 4 days! We’re sure that delivery times may vary a bit, but there’s just very few ways to get a sofa in your home that fast.

There’s a trade-off though. The sofa comes in two boxes. One box is fairly manageable for a single person. The other box is decidedly not manageable. To build a sofa that is both affordable but also extremely durable, Campaign has chosen to use steel frame construction. The main drawback to this is the weight. For some homes and apartments, this might not be a big deal. But if you’re in a walk-up, make sure you plan ahead. Also, as the single-piece frame is fairly long, navigating tight stairwells is a real life geometry class.

Carrying the big box full of the majority of the steel is at least a two-person job, and in some walk-up buildings maybe a three-person job.

There’s no white-glove service yet, but we're told they’re looking for the right partner to provide such service in the future. Once they do, we would recommend opting for the service unless you’re really trying to save on money.


The assembly process was smooth and simple, if a bit arduous. All of the steel makes the sofa heavy and it’s not super fun to do alone. We’d recommend having a partner there. That said, even if you assemble it alone, it’ll be complete in about 40 minutes, including breakdown and cleanup of the packaging. Once you’ve got your sofa ready to go, you’ll quickly forget the hour or so of hardship of bringing it into your home and putting it together.​

Ergonomics & Comfort

The Campaign sofa is notably deep -- you can most definitely curl up, lie down, or spoon with your favorite friend or pet, or even both. It's also plenty long for two people to lie down at separate ends if one person folds their legs.

The bottom cushions are amply firm and supportive, while the back cushions are a bit softer and allow you to lounge back quite comfortably. It's an interesting mix of supportive and lounge-able. Many of the other sofas we've reviewed here by Burrow and CB2 opt for a "supportive only" vibe, while the Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa goes all the way in the other direction and basically swallows you whole. Campaign aptly walks the middle line, and we like it!

​The Merino Weave fabric we tested was downright soft AF. It felt almost like a sweater or a cashmere outerwear coat. It felt great on the skin. (For more on the durability of the fabric, read below under 'Quality & Materials'.)​


Our interior design expert loved the nice clean lines of this sofa.  It’s a great sofa to create an elegant base, then dress up with colorful throw pillows and blankets to really make it pop of contrasting color. An excellent choice for a contemporary look or mid-century modern style apartment or home.

Campaign only has one style / model right now, and while it is very nice and elegant, it is also pretty 'standard'. They clearly didn't want to take any stylistic risks so that their one style could appeal to the largest audience possible. This isn't a bad thing in and of itself, but if you're looking to make a big statement with your sofa purchase, the Campaign sofa might under-deliver in that regard.

​But, bottom line is the Campaign sofa is very handsome and easy on the eyes in any environment.

​Quality & Materials

This is really the dimension where the Campaign sofa sets itself apart from other direct-to-consumer Internet sofa companies. The frame of the sofa is made completely out of steel. The upside is a super solid construction that will last…well, there’s a lifetime warranty on it, so let’s just say it could last a lifetime.

The primary downside of the steel is some added weight. But other than the initial moment of receiving the sofa where you might be carrying it into your home and moving it around, the weight isn’t much of a problem. Plus, there are really solid hardwood legs to the sofa that help support the frame for long hours of use.

Finally, the cushions and fabric material are really nice for the price. You’re not getting elegant natural materials like you might get with a super high end sofa like a George Smith, but your getting quality synthetics that won’t break down quickly. Plus, the merino wool we tested held up beautifully to our stain stress test. Bobby rubbed chocolate all over the cushions and poured red wine on them, after a bit of elbow grease with some cleaner, it looked good as new.


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