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Nomad Modular Sofa

Nomad Sofa
Tan fabric
Shipping time:
8-10 weeks
Value for money:
Materials & construction:
Delivery speed:
Ease of assembly:

Burrow furniture is WAY overpriced for what it is. Really the only good things about their furniture is that they break down into small pieces so one person can move it in and out of an apartment. If this is the most important thing to you, this is your sofa. If you value literally anything else more, don't buy Burrow.

Sofa Digest Bottom Line

Fast deliver and super convenient assembly. The Burrow sofa is an affordable, reasonably high-quality piece of furniture that may be a great solution for students or people on the move, or in a pinch if you need something that can be delivered and set up quickly. It is delivered via UPS or a similar carrier in four manageable-sized boxes that can be carried up stairs and assembled by a lone average-sized adult, and it's a total breeze for two people working together.

However, the trade-off for the modular construction which makes it so easy to deliver, move, and assemble is that the sofa's structural rigidity was notably lower than any other sofa we've reviewed to date. There's an amount of "give" (i.e. bend) in the sofa when raising or lowering it from one end or sitting down on it, and the way the legs fasten to the bottom makes them prone to bend or even come off if the sofa is dragged across a carpeted floor. (Note: the "dragging" we refer to was totally normal dragging / sliding commonly used to move any sofa under totally normal circumstances.)

The bottom line is that if you are looking for an affordable sofa that is delivered quickly (about a week) and can be assembled by one person easily, or you live in a walk-up with tight stairs that disallow single-piece furniture from making it up, the Burrow sofa fits the bill. It is comfortable, well-proportioned, and does everything you want a sofa to do, and with enough style to get you into your early- to mid-20s. But, it will probably not last you more than 2-3 years, and a lot of intense use or moving it around will probably make it last 12-18 months before needing significant repairs.

Purchase & Delivery

The purchase experience for the Burrow sofa is about as enjoyable and smooth as it gets. They only have a few configurations / models -- a 'sofa' that comes in four lengths from armchair to 4-seater (we tested the 3-seater), in addition to a sectional and an ottoman -- and five color choices. You can also choose the arm height -- high or low -- and the leg color -- dark wood color, light wood color, or black.

Once you dial in your options and press 'buy', it takes about a week for it to arrive. This is a significant advantage over larger furniture brands, whose sofas can often take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks to arrive.

When it does arrive, it comes in four roughly equal-sized boxes that, while somewhat heavy, are nonetheless able to be lifted and moved by a lone adult.

As it is delivered by standard parcel carriers (UPS in my case), it may not be delivered straight to your door, which in my case meant it was left at the bottom of the stairs in my four-floor walk-up in NYC.


Assembling the Burrow 3-seater sofa is an extremely easy and intuitive process. The smoothness of the experience begins before you even open the boxes, as the boxes themselves are labeled with the first step of the instructions, indicating which box to open first and which end of the boxes to open.

A lone adult can put the sofa together, no problem. You basically line up the modular pieces on the ground, slide the alignment pins on each section into the corresponding holes on the adjacent section, and flip / slide the locking clasps to lock the pieces together.

You then attach the legs with some hand-twisted screws. The way the legs attach leaves one unsure of their strength, but by the time you flip the sofa upright, all seems pretty well.

Ergonomics & Comfort

The sofa is deep enough to sit on and bring your legs up onto in a crossed or curled up fashion, and it is just big enough to accommodate two people "spooning", although it won't leave much...wiggle room :-)

The cushions are firm enough -- you do not sink or fall in at all -- and allow you to sit up to work on a laptop or eat. However, the foam did not feel of the highest quality, and our interior designer expert who joined us for the review felt that the material of the foam would probably not retain it's firmness for more than a year or two.

Given the depth of the sofa and the supportive foam in the cushions, the sofa is comfortable to sit on and will leave you feeling like you do indeed have a full-sized, comfortable sofa.

But, it was overall a pretty standard feeling -- we were not over the moon ecstatic about the feeling of being on the sofa and have had better sitting and lounging experiences on other sofas reviewed on this site.


The Burrow sofa looks pretty good -- clean, simple, modern. It didn't blow our socks off and will not satisfy fashionistas or those who want their apartment to have a highly stylized look, but for most people it looks more than good enough and will certainly tie together most young professionals' apartments.

We can say with confidence that the photos on Burrow's website and social media are accurate and the sofa looks exactly as you'd expect once it's sitting in your living room.

Quality & Materials

On Burrow's website and its advertisements and social media content, there is a big focus on the quality of their materials and craftsmanship.

We must unequivocally say that in this department, Burrow's claims about itself are overblown.

It may be made in the USA, but from the fabric quality to the plywood frame to the structural give / flex caused by the modular design, the sofa's material quality and craftsmanship are mediocre.

There may be some room for a 'for the price' argument -- that the quality is pretty good given the sofa's low price -- but that argument is blown up by the fact that similarly or even exactly equally priced sofas possess what we judge to be significantly higher quality materials and craftsmanship.

After filming our review (which can be found at the top of this page or on our Sofa Digest YouTube channel), we needed to move the sofa across the room to make space for a different sofa we were going to review next. The standard way to move a sofa a short distance (less than 15 feet) is to push it across the floor slowly and consistently. With no jerking, fast acceleration, or any other undue stress -- we were shocked when one of the primary weight-bearing corner legs of the sofa simply popped off, causing the sofa to lean pretty badly. We were able to reattach the leg, but it actually popped off one more time during the effort to turn the sofa upright after reattaching it the first time.

We got the sofa in good working order again, but suffice to say that the experience did not inspire confidence for the long-run, especially if the sofa were to be moved around a lot or endure significant wear and tear.


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