About Us and Disclosure

The Sofa Digest Mission & Process

​We established Sofa Digest because we noticed an extreme lack of useful information on the internet pertaining to sofas, couches, and sectionals. While there are countless websites providing reviews and detailed information for mattresses, kitchen appliances, cars, and so on -- no one is providing reliable reviews of major sofa brands. Most of the sofa review sites we've seen are basically advertisements for the brands they review and contain no personal, new, and truly helpful information.

Every review we publish is based 100% on our truthful, personal experience and opinion. We strive to make our content as objective as possible. We want our audience to be able to make the most informed decisions possible. We want to provide the type of content that we hope to encounter on the internet when making other purchasing decisions in our own lives.

But, Running Sofa Digest takes a moderate amount of money -- web development, photographers and videographers, camera rentals, and so on. More than money, however, running Sofa Digest to provide high-quality content for the public takes a huge amount of time and energy.

We literally have to move furniture around from place to place, up and down stairs, into and out of cars. We have to spend hours assembling, testing, and living on and around the sofas. We then have to take them apart and/or move them again when we're done! We spend hours editing the film, writing the reviews, and building relationships with points of contact at the sofa brands to ask questions, get information, and produce yet more content.

How We Are Compensated

Sofa Digest is a referral marketer. Referral marketing on the internet is basically the digital version of what "word of mouth" marketing has always been. To learn more about referral marketing and its history, see Wikipedia's great article on the topic.

In order to produce and publish all of our extremely useful content, we receive two primary forms of support and compensation from the brands reviewed on our site:​

  1. The sofas we review are usually -- but not always -- provided to us as complimentary samples by the brands.
  2. We use referral links and often receive a commission if you click through from our site to one of the brand's websites and then go on to make a purchase there within a given period of time. This results in absolutely zero additional cost to you, the audience -- the commission comes out of the sale price of the item in question.

​At the end of the day, however, we do not feel we are supported by the brands. We are supported by our audience, who will only remain our audience so long as they are able to trust and rely upon us.

​If you ever have any questions, feedback, or concerns about any content we've ever produced or about the brands and their specific sofas, please please please strike up a conversation in our forum or send us an email directly at info@sofadigest.com!!